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Current Projects

Here is a list of projects we are working on for 2023 - 2024. Please feel free to contact us for more information or on how to join a team.



Dyssolve uses technology to harness the full potential of algae by enhancing agricultural practices, making nutrition more accessible, and creating a more sustainable future. So, why algae? Algae offer diverse benefits including carbon dioxide absorption, water cleaning properties, and serving as a nutrient-rich food source.


Endure is a peer mentorship project that instills confidence and empowerment in participants in areas such as employment skills and financial literacy. We do this in partnership with our campus Community Integration through Cooperative Education (CICE) program. Through our designed activities and peer-to-peer mentorship, our project instills workplace confidence and personal development and promotes an inclusive campus community.

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interACT Logo.png

InterACT is a financial literacy project that aims to support the livelihood of international students as they pursue their studies and look to establish themselves in Canada’s work culture. Our team directly supports these students through the development of our live mobile application and website, as well as through mock interviews, seminars, and resume clinics.

Fin Farms Aquaponics

We've created a new aquaponics greenhouse project that could have a large impact on our local economy and ecosystems. The goal is to grow and sell fish and plants naturally in a controlled environment all while aiming to produce zero emissions.

New 2024 Fin Farms Aquaponics Logo.png


Palma is a mental health project that aims to improve the ability to assess, explore, and communicate around one’s mental health, improving the accessibility of resources and support services. Our developing mobile application offers users the ability to check in with their wellness while facilitating a more engaged dialogue around their activity and support.

Learn more about Enactus at St. Clair College

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